Friends for Friends

Our main focus lies on representing and transferring high quality players and coaches to the world’s most renowned clubs. Our clients receive a full service, benefiting from our worldwide network of cooperating clubs, partners and good friends.  Our cooperation is based on trust, reliability and high quality of service, as set by the leading football authorities. We work with great dedication, taking care of all our clients’ needs – professional and personal.

Christian Omlor, CEO

  • Licensed Players’ Agent (DFB) since 2002 / DFB registered Intermediary
  • FA registered Intermediary
  • Languages: German, English, French

Deutschland-Football-Agency  DEUTSCH
Christian Omlor berät seit über 15 Jahren Profifußballer im In- und Ausland. Seit 2002 hat er als lizenzierter Spielervermittler diverse nationale und internationale Transfers selbst oder in Zusammenarbeit mit seinem nationalen und internationalen Netzwerk realisiert.

UK-Christian-Omlor-Football-Agency  ENGLISH
Christian Omlor is a professional Licensed Players’ Agent (DFB) since 2002 and has successfully handled the management and transfers of national and international Football Players for over 15 years now.

France-Football-Agency  FRANÇAIS
Christian Omlor conseil depuis plus de 15 ans les footballeurs du monde entier. Il possède la licence International d’agent de joueurs et s’occupe des transferts indépendamment ou en collaboration avec son réseau national et international .

Portugal-Football-Agency  PORTUGUÊS
Christian Omlor agencia jogadores profissionais de futebol a nivel nacional e internacional há mais de 15 anos. Desde 2002 que é um agente de jogadores licenciado e operou várias transferências nacionais e internacionais, quer a título individual quer em cooperação com a sua rede nacional e internacional.

Slovenia-Football-Agency  SLOVENSKO
Christian Omlor je preko 15 let aktiven kot svetovalec v profesionalnem nogometu na svetovnem nivoju. Od leta 2002 je licenciran nogometni agent za nacionalne in internacionalne transferje.

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