Management and transfer services

We help you focus on football

After cooperating with our agency, all players and coaches receive our complete service: we take care of your personal and professional needs. We get you ready for the next step in your football career – starting to play for a new club, in a new city, a new country or even on another continent. Our primary goal is to find the best club for you and to help you settle down in your new club and home. We do our best to make you feel as a member of the SportsPro family, no matter if you are a young talent or already a renowned professional player.

Our approach is very personal, based on trust and hard work from both sides. You bring the talent and working spirit, we bring the experience in working with clubs but also our expertise for your optimized career management. Our conversations start shifting towards game analysis, strategic thinking and professional progress. We always keep a close eye on your development and help you through the good and bad times.

Football is a hard business and a tough game. It requires full dedication.

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