Christian Omlor, CEO

  • Licensed Players’ Agent (DFB) since 2002 / DFB registered Intermediary
  • FA registered Intermediary
  • Languages: German, English, French

Our agency is driven by pure passion for football and has almost 20 years of experience. We provide our players and coaches with the necessary support to enable them to focus on the most important aspect of their careers: Football.

After almost 20 years of networking in football business we have gained a good reputation and maintain best contacts within the football market. We can proudly state that we are well respected and in permanent business relation with most of the clubs, club officials and coaches in the main European football divisions. In the history of our agency we have found several talents and managed them to become first division players in Germany, England and other European countries. We have realized over 100 players’ transfers of our own players or on behalf of football clubs in the European football divisions 1-3.

We offer our services to players and clubs in various languages (German, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Slovene, etc.).

Our main feature: We never treat our clients as numbers. We always see the human in our player but also in the club official sitting opposite to us during negotiations. We are well aware of the demands of the football business and the difficulties during every player’s career. We always operate with trust and loyalty whilst maintaining a clear communication with our players and clubs.

We give you the power and all-round support to concentrate on what is important for your professional development.

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